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Barbara Roberts McKinnon


491 Kusa Lane, Hide-A-Way Hills; Sugar Grove, OH  43155


v  740-404-3569(Cell)





I am a skilled and talented Educator with professional and exceptional people skills.  Educational experience developing curriculum and delivering a diverse and well-rounded educational approach inter-grading various curriculum standards into Art Education grades K-12.


Art Instruction:  Teach composition, design ,textiles, illustration, color theory, linear perspective, air brush techniques and a variety of mixed media techniques.


 Educational Leadership:  Skilled classroom management success meeting needs of diverse students.  Inspire and direct all age groups including “students at risk” inter-grading various curriculum reaching high educational standards.  Facilitate development of consistent learner outcomes through a broad range of learning styles focused on the state based standards of education.


Classroom Management:  Create equitable, rewards-based learning environment while establishing clear expectations for behavior and involvement.  Engage students by stimulating the learning environment. Design interactive lesson plans targeting individual learning gaps and focus on building students strengths to build confidence.

v   Illustrator and Character designer of a 9 book children's series, Auntie "M", Life Lessons To Make "You" A Better "U"; author Jill Webber.  2018 released for sale     


Key Strengths:  Talent for inspiring students to higher levels of artistic creativity to form a life-long learning style.  Many years of successful commission sales has given me many strengths in dealing with various personalities and on-the-spot challenges with a positive real world outcome.

Education and Credentials:

     Ohio Teaching License k-12 current Educator License


      Bachelor of Arts from Ashland University, Ashland Ohio  44805

     Masters Degree; teaching and Learning in the 21st Century, May 2014; Ashland University


      Major in Art, Textiles and Design/ Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA


            Original Owner of Art Studio in Lancaster, Ohio;

         "Two Broke Artists Art Studio"   (developer and former owner)  March of 2014-2018

      2018-2023, Art Teacher at Fairfield Union Local Schools K-6 2018-2023 (Retired)           Middle School


       2013 to 2014, Art Teacher at Groveport Madison High School


       2014 to 2018, Art Teacher at Fairfield Christian Academy 3-12



      2010 to 2013, substitute teaching for the Fairfield County Board of Education


Professional Experience:  Women’s retail store manager, Brooks Fashions and Casual Corner.  During this time I worked at many locations as a store manager, district training manager, trouble shooting for internal security and  floor design merchandiser for the east coast region. Mathews Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Inc., Newark,  Ohio  43055  18 years in commission sales and 2 years as finance manager. I have  worked with the ALPHA program in Perry County, Art Teacher for "at risk youth" since 1999 and the Fairfield County at risk youth classes since 2015.

Two Broke Artists Art Studio was voted "Business of the year in 2015"  downtown Lancaster Ohio. 


 *Selected by "Expertise" magazine as one of the best painting & drawing teachers in Columbus, selected the top 10 painting and drawing teachers in Ohio. 2016 & 2017

* Illustrator and Character designer of a 9 book children's series, Auntie "M", Life Lessons To Make "You" A Better "U"; author Jill Webber.  2018 released for sale             ​   

Personal Notation:

       My previous employment was a career that I enjoyed and was very successful in for many years (18 yrs.).  I have adopted a little girl and needed to leave the demanding hours of a sales career and pursue the path that benefits a family lifestyle.  I am fulfilling a life-long passion to teach art in the classroom setting.


       I love the Arts’, theatre and costume design and have worked in the theater at many levels.  I would be interested in extra-curricular activities at school in both theatre costume and the visual Arts. I enjoy sports particularly basketball and track and field, my youngest son Kurtis Roberts, placed 5th in the Olympic Trials in 2012 and competed on the World Team USA indoor event 2014.  I enjoy attending many of these elite track meets.  I studied many media’s at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, including Commercial Design and Illustration, still life, air brush as well as have experience in Pattern and Costume Design. I own an Art Studio in downtown Lancaster and teach painting a drawing classes there as a freelance job.  (

       I have completed my final phase of a teaching licensure for grades K-12 and completed my Master Degree in Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century in 2014 (at the age of 53).  I have enjoyed teaching fulltime at Fairfield Christian Academy & Fairfield Union Local schools until retirement in 2023, and operating the "Two Broke Artists" Art Studio in downtown Lancaster.  The studio was ranked as one of the top 2 attractions to the downtown area in 2014-15.  I have many years of experience in commission sales dealing with the pressures, challenges and obstacles that are involved in working with the public on a straight commission basis.  This involves being punctual, established listening skills, developing advanced knowledge about the product and presentation skills, relating to a continuously changing environment, as well as being in tune with the community and the needs of the community.  These qualities and communication skills aide in a teaching style that benefits my students in the classroom.   I believe in keeping fit both physically and mentally.  The students will learn the importance of art and how it has influenced our history and culture here at home and around the world.  They will learn the effects of art regarding the different disciplines and standards to enhance their overall educational experience.   My belief and passion for life-long learning, accompanied with years of experience dealing with challenging situations  bring a strong perspective to the classroom and enhance the learning experience for the students and the school.

     “Fabric Art” and “Mixed Media” as well as “Textiles ,”Ceramics”, Jewelry/Silversmith training", and painting are art forms that I love  working with and the therapeutic benefits of these mixed media’s is very fulfilling as well as challenging for students both young and old.  I enjoy the benefits of art classes for all ages.





18x24 Pencil Drawing

16x20 Acrylic on Canvas

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