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"Painting Sessions with Bobbi"
2 hour group painting session by request

*Corporate Events and Team-Building Paint Parties

The data is in: Employees that socialize together are more productive, innovative, and happier with their job overall. Hosting a corporate painting event promotes your team’s well-being, helping them to de-stress and build relationships with one another. It can also act as a creativity booster and potentially spark new ideas as they’re working through a tough project. 
*Painting Date Nights for Couples
  Couple's do separate canvas that fit together.
*Birthday Party Painting Events (all ages)
*Mommy/Daddy & Me Paintings (or Grandma/pa)
  Separate Canvases that fit together.
*Family and Friend Paint Nights
*Wedding or Baby Shower Paint Parties

  Great for themed baby rooms and everyone paints     a personal gift for the new baby room.

*Pottery Classes Hand building & Wheel throwing

*POP UP ART CAMPS on location

Call Bobbi for pricing.  Depending on the location and the size of group the cost varies. 

Phone: 740-404-3569


Group sessions at the Somerset Artists co-op
Custom creativity at every age
Group sessions on location
On location Group team session for any occasion.
Inspiring our next generation of artistic minds…
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