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                  Public Art
Collaboration with Local Artists, Businesses, and Students in Fairfield County and Perry County

Downtown Lancaster Historical District has Approved the first of a series of 8 Murals to be supervised & completed by Bobbi McKinnon &
Artists at the Two Broke Artists Art Studio.
"July 18th 2014 Art Walk"
Put the Zebco Building on your Art Walk must-see-list located on North Columbus St. Artists from the Two Broke Artists Painting Studio and Fairfield Christian Academy Art Department have completed the first in a series of historical murals for downtown Lancaster! A special Thank You to all the volunteer workers who helped get the mural started!! Thank you to Zebco, Kevin Stalter, Dr. Burns, Fairfield Paints, Lancaster Historical Commission, Fairfield Art Studios, David Scheffler & Kate Ervin for your time, donations, and support of this exciting project.  2014-2018

image_6483441 (11).JPG
image_6483441 (10).JPG

"Space Between Us"                                                       "World in our Hand"                                             "Faces in our Community"


Fairfield Union Local Schools Summer Enrichment Program 2021.  In collaboration with Professional International Sculpture Artist Ric Leichliter and art teacher Bobbi McKinnon and the students grades 7th-12th at Fairfield Union Local Schools.

public art 1.jpg
public art 2.jpg
fca music sculpture.jpg
fca america sculpure.jpg

Downtown Lancaster Ohio Sculpture project in collaboration with Fairfield Christian Academy students 8-12th grade & Professional International Sculpture Ric Leichliter and Art teacher Bobbi McKinnon  2015-2018


Perry County Juvenile Court and Perry County Health dept. collaboration with Art teacher Bobbi McKinnon & students.  Bicycle safety park Mural and Local mural displayed at TC Market  2022-23

Fairfield Union Rushville Middle school collaboration of grade 5-8 creating a hallway mural for the Art dept. under the guidance of art teacher Bobbi McKinnon   2022-23

Fairfield County Juvenile Support students in collaboration with art teacher Bobbi McKinnon during 2023-24 

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