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Special Projects

Book series of 9 books:


Auntie "M" 

Life Lessons

To Make "You"

A Better "U"

The Children's Book Series contains stories of youth in a setting of the forest and the

characters are representations of the Author, Jill Webber's grandchildren.  The characters are faced with 

challenges of Chores, friendship, manners as well as a variety of topics that relate to  working  together for the 

good of all . The Colors of books covers are based on the "Complimentary Color"  and a variety of  outfits to

bring out the  elaborate personality of the main Character "Auntie M".  

Fairfield Heritage card celebrates "Christmas Magic in Alley Park"

Popular local artist Barbara "Bobbi" Roberts McKinnon painted "Christmas Magic in Alley Park" for the Fairfield County Heritage Association's 2021 holiday card.  The scene is taken from "Santa in the Park", a family event hosted by Lancaster Parks & Recreation that has become a beloved holiday tradition.  Fairfield Heritage's cards and prints have become a tradition too.  Each year a different artist portrays a well-remembered holiday scene.  cards and prints are made and sold in the gift shops of the Sherman House Museum and the Georgian Museum as well as in the Heritage booth at the Fairfield county fair.  Bobbi McKinnon teaches art Fairfield Union Local School in Lancaster, Ohio.  She earned a bachelor's degree in Art & Design from Ashland University and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh as well as a Masters degree in education from Ashland University.  "I enjoy teaching and freelance commission painting.  Capturing the "Moment in time" that is meaningful to the viewer is an important part of Bobbi's passion for art.  Learn more about her work at  Bobbi McKinnon hold the painting created for the Fairfield County Heritage Association's annual Christmas card.

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